Wednesday, October 15, 2014

101 Star Wars Variations 82: The Scoundrel's Dream

It had been a few weeks since the incident with the Imperial Destroyers, and Han was already feeling the heat.

Lesson Number One In Working For Jabba the Hutt: Don't burn him.

He was scared.  He'd admit that to anyone willing to ask, but then, Han Solo had made a life of getting to know people who would never be foolish enough to do such a thing.  Still, the fact remained, he was scared.  The daydreams, something he'd never experienced before, began almost immediately.  He could feel his old pal Greedo breathing down his neck everywhere he turned.

Lesson Number Two In Working For Jabba the Hutt: No one's breath will be very pleasant.

In the dreams, there's a solution to his predicament, one that ends in something other than his premature death.  Everyone who signed a contract with Jabba knew what they were gambling.  There was a time when Han liked to gamble.  Those days were past.

Lesson Number Three In Working For Jabba the Hutt: Your old habits will die easy.

He and Chewie are trying to avoid Greedo, as always, hiding in plain sight at a cantina in Mos Eisley, trying to act real casual, when in walks a desperate boy with a problem even bigger than his.

Lesson Number Four In Working For Jabba the Hutt: Always hold out hope that there's someone worse off than you are.

It's a ticket too good to be true, although of course it is, because it's a daydream.  Jabba won't bother him anymore, even if he never receives the hefty repayment Han owes him.

Lesson Number Five In Working For Jabba the Hutt: Don't get cocky.

Taking care of Greedo suddenly becomes doable.  If he can manage to avoid Boba Fett, he's home clear.  There's a princess involved in this unlikely equation, even, feisty.  Han's in love.

Lesson Number Six In Working For Jabba the Hutt: Never fall in love.

In the past it's always proven to be too much of a hassle.  That's no longer a problem!  Could this dream get any better?  Of course!  Han becomes a hero!  

Lesson Number Seven In Working For Jabba the Hutt: There are no heroes.

Various other details, both pleasant and unfortunate, are involved.  They don't really matter.

Lesson Number Eight In Working For Jabba the Hutt: Everything matters.

Chewie must have had to swerve around something, because Han's reverie ended.  He couldn't even shake himself from the clutches of his miserable life with the irrational hope of finally overcoming it.

Lesson Number Nine In Working For Jabba the Hutt: It's the scoundrel's life for thee.

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