Monday, October 13, 2014

101 Star Wars Variations 80: The Kenobis

"...on some damn fool idealistic crusade," the old hermit is saying.  But Luke is interested in only one thing.  Earlier his friend had dodged his question.  This in itself is hardly unusual.  The hermit shares only what he wants to share.

"Was my father killed in the Clone Wars?"

The hermit pauses.  He's clearly considering his options.  He's told so many versions of the death of Luke's father in the past.  Usually Luke was distracted enough that he'd believe anything, finding the whole thing too distant to seem relevant.  But today's events have brought the wider galaxy to his doorstep.

"He was betrayed and murdered..."

"No," Luke interrupts him.  "You've told me that before.  I don't believe it.  Something tells me that's not how it happened."

The hermit pauses again.

"You're right, of course."

Luke feels brave enough to ask the question over again.

"The girl was talking about someone named Obi-Wan.  Do you know him?"

"Luke, you're going to find...Yes, I knew him.  He was my brother.  My younger...much  For years I've told myself differently.  The day he was accepted to become a Jedi learner was the day my life was ruined forever.  It would have been easier if he had been older than me, but younger...But that was long ago.  A long time ago..."

"Don't hide from your past," Luke says.  "Tell me."

"To protect myself, I came here to Tatooine.  I clothed myself in the robes my brother left behind when he...he vanished.  Died.  Was murdered.  I was angry.  I...used you as a means to process my anger.  It was your father...Darth Vader."

Luke doesn't know what to think.  He knows, one way or another, that nothing the hermit says will change what's about to happen.  Everything's changing.

It...feels good.

"Your brother?" he says.  "Tell me more..."

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