Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Outliers - A Deep Space Nine Celebration, Part 7 (Conclusion)

Jennifer Sisko
(first appeared in "Emissary," first season)
(first appearance of Mirror Universe version, "Through the Looking Glass," third season)


Jake.  I know when your father catches us he's going to be very disappointed in me.  We have a moment.  Please, tell me all about yourself.

Jake Sisko
(first appeared in "Emissary," first season)
I suppose in your universe, I never existed.  You and Dad, or your version of Dad, broke up before you could have me.  A part of me is sad about that.  He's dead, isn't he?  I wish there was a version of me that could be there for you, the way I was here for him in my reality.  I know things weren't the same for you.  But still.  You deserved better.

I didn't appreciate either of you nearly enough when I had you both.  I see that now.  I saw that the moment you, the version of you that I knew, died.  I was in shock.  Dad was ruined.  He tried to hide it, but he just couldn't.  He was miserable without you.  I missed you more and more, not because of my own memories, but because of the hole you left behind.  I know that sounds terrible.  

He had this program, this fishing pond, that we visited just about every day.  I guess it was a facsimile of one he used to visit when he was my age, off on the bayou behind his father's restaurant, where they caught what was served almost as soon as it was out of the water.  It was a ritual.  We never really talked when we fished.  It was there on that dock where I developed the habit of dangling my legs, the way I would on the Promenade with Nog.  

I wish you could meet my Nog.  The Ferengi in your universe are all tragic figures.  He's the best guy I'll ever know, so much better than me, so much braver.  He was the first friend I ever had, and he came along when I thought I would be stuck alone forever.  Before we can to the station, Dad all the time in the world for me, at least after the Saratoga.  I knew the Bajor assignment would be a hassle almost immediately.  He was always a troubled man, after your death, I mean my mom's death, but he became angry all the time, the closer we got.  It was like he became a different person all over again.  I guess you could say that you couldn't surprise me with anything you could say about your version of him.  And I've already heard all about him, thanks to Dr. Bashir.  

I kept dreading the conversation about Starfleet.  It seemed like as soon as I got to the station, I started growing like a weed!  That's what Dad always said.  And the more time I spent with Nog, the more things I tried.  We were always pushing each other, daring each other on, and inevitably we ended up in a runabout, and I wish I could say more about that, but you'd never believe it.  Which reminds me, if anyone ever appears here claiming to represent the Dominion, tell them that you're just a bunch of, I don't know, boring botanists or something.

Anyway, then I finally had to tell him.  And then I showed him my stories.  He told me I had a lot to work on, but I also had a lot to work with.  That meant the world to me.  I never showed him any of the stories that featured you, I mean you you, not my mom.  Even before I knew you existed, I dreamed about you.  I hope that doesn't sound disturbing.

I know you're not my mom, but you have to understand how much this means to me.  I'm almost embarrassed to say, but I feel as if I love you as much as I could ever have loved her.  It's not the same, but it's close enough.

I hope things eventually work out here for all of you.  Maybe somewhere the muse that inspired me will find the perfect substitute, and in that way what you never had will still somehow exist.  I'm not saying that out of an ego.  But your existence proves to me that in any universe, in any circumstance, there ends up being a balance.  

If I found you here, then you might someday find me here, too.  Stranger things have happened.

(first appeared in "Emissary," first season)
[Sadly, time runs out before Quark's favorite patron has a chance to speak.  He walks back toward the bar clutching his copious notes, smacking his lips in preparation for another fine drink...]

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