Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yoti's Dream, Part IV

Friends, it only got worse from there!

I don't know how to begin, but after a number of years in this predicament, I ended up working in a bookstore, which at first seemed to be a perfectly ideal scenario. The reality of it, the reality of working in a bookstore, of the 21st century, however, bit me once more!

You would not even begin to believe the horrors possible in a 21st century bookstore. To give you an idea, a bookstore, and apparently these people took great pride in distinguishing between larger and smaller ones, independently-owned and national establishments, was operated and patroned by the very opposite species of man you would previously have imagined. I can't describe it any differently and not cause you to fall into convulsions!

Those who worked in them didn't care about books, and those who shopped in them couldn't seem to have bothered learning anything about books! It was as if these bookstores had been completely abandoned by anyone who might have found them useful, and left to those who could only fidget around, bumping into one another and demanding instant gratification, ignoring all reason, all semblance of intellect, and generally behaving as if the bookstore were anything but a place of general enlightenment!

How exactly does a bookstore become so removed from the basest of concepts one might associate with academia? When academia itself has failed the population, and when that has happened, the blind masses abandon all hope and revert to their worst impulses, even, yes, in a bookstore. I cannot say how this was allowed to happen! But all the same, friends, I assure you that this was my authentic experience, not some wild dream or hallucination, despite what others have told you.

I can't remember how exactly I escaped, only that I did, or perhaps it might be said that indeed I did wake up. I don't mean to confuse you, but I beg you, don't ever repeat my mistakes! Learn! Keep learning! If this whole episode how sounded curious to you, I hope it only spurs your curiosity!

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