Monday, June 27, 2011

Yoti's Dream, Part III

One of the many rituals of this society was the acquiring of a license to drive what they routinely used for personal transportation, what they called an automobile in so many words.

One would suspect that this would be a fairly routine matter, but friends, one would be wrong! They created all manner of rules and regulations, to the point where it was almost easier to avoid the whole mess entirely, except that in many ways, you would most certainly been an outcast without one of these cars at your disposal.

This license was something you were expected to study for, incredibly, at the very same time you were attending classes. If you didn't get it then, you would probably be very sorry. I cannot begin to explain, without lengthy details that will only bore you beyond comprehension. As if I were not straining credulity already!

The short version of the process for obtaining this license is that you were to study all the rules you would be expected to follow, and then take a road test, where you were to demonstrate your ability to just that. I will not repeat that. This was the way it was really done! There were many people on the road who blatantly ignored all those rules, who nonetheless had gotten their licenses, presumably by faking their normal behavior for the purposes of passing the test. Can you imagine! The only way these people were then corrected was by random and very seldomly-administered citations. I am not making it up!

Those who weren't so good at taking tests, well, it was very hard for them indeed!

I can't dwell on this subject for too long, and doubtless you prefer it that way. How did these people survive so long? Ironically enough, I would suggest by sheer accident!

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