Friday, July 27, 2012

Star Trek '12: 3112 AD (Conclusion) - And Vulcans Again

A Vulcan by the name of Sallek tinkered with a new starship design, a retrofitted dorsal carrier.  For many years, Vulcans had been excluded from the intergalactic community, mostly by choice but also through their inability to adapt.  No doubt many of them had seen it coming, perhaps by as many as three millennia, perhaps someone in Sallek’s own line, and perhaps they had made peace with it.  The times were always changing, but Sallek preferred to believe that they remained comfortably familiar, even in the midst of radical reform.  He himself had always tried to lead a simple life, something many of his brethren had elected to forego, always filling their days with complication, always verging on chaos, even if they believed their efforts to represent basic Vulcan logic.  Sallek didn’t believe most Vulcans had the first clue of basic Vulcan logic.  It was a lost art almost from the beginning.  Still, what was he to do about it?

As it turns out, nothing.  He instead led a humble life, and tinkered away at his technical manuals.  He often chatted with his human friends via subspace, an antiquated but amiable way to communicate.  He tried to keep up on current events, but with so many reporting agencies, it was difficult to settle on the best one to follow, especially since none of them were comprehensive.  He decided not to worry about it.  There were plenty of things to worry about, besides, not the least was his own continued well-being, which could never be assured.  There were so many elements working against each other in the universe, and in their efforts to be successful in this venture, they often discovered that it was easier to ignore the small things that got caught up in their affairs, caught up and lost and abandoned, chewed up and spit out, became the victims of circumstance and their own inability to adapt.  Yes, Sallek believed that his very decision to lead a simple life kept him safe from such concerns, but in fact, he also knew it made him specially vulnerable.

So yes, he worried about it, but he also tried not to.  He figured there was enough space to go around, and that there were enough good people where even the worst of calamities might eventually be dulled.  Life was full of complications and possibilities, but some things always remained the same.

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