Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Star Trek '12: 212 AD - Vulcans

In those days, Vulcan was an incredibly harsh place to live, not just because of the suns baking the surface of the planet, but because its inhabitants had not yet learned to master their intensely passionate natures.

This is not to say Vulcans in this time were a savage people, but that their descendents would surely, without hesitation, say so. They were more tribal in nature, more given to developing rivalries and grudges against neighbors competing for scarce resources, not yet comprehending that there was an abundance of it, still clinging to illusions and fantasies. Yet they were already a devout people, capable of great appreciation for the stubborn earth and all of nature around them, even if it proved more challenging than they were able to master to that point in their history.

It was in this environment that the ancestors of Spock claimed what would in time become ancient ceremonial ground. Those who knew them, even those who shared their beliefs, were baffled by their insistence on this claim, shook their heads, whispered behind their backs, even plotted against them. Yet Sallek and his family held true to themselves, even in the midst of a world gripped by apparent madness, convinced as it was that anyone who might know themselves was the real threat. Sallek was himself a humble man, and was loved by his wife for it, and he was already more than a century old when he made the decision, and he smiled at his own children when they, too, questioned him, and didn’t say a word. In later years, when he was no longer in control of himself, his youngest daughter, Sevek, took him into her home, which was not far from the ceremonial ground he had claimed, and sometimes took him to it, and only sometimes admitted that she now understood what he’d done for them.

Sallek was near the end of his life when Surak entered into his ministry of logic. Somehow, even though Sevek never said a word of it, he knew that she saw him in a different light, in the hour his eyes dimmed to nothing. A bright future was ahead for his people, and his daughter would be there to see it.

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