Wednesday, May 21, 2014

101 Star Wars Variations 13: Yoda and Palpatine

"Troubled am I by this one," Yoda says.

He's seated in a darkened room, far from the rest of the Jedi.  His companion, in fact, is a Sith.  Palpatine, otherwise known as Darth Sidious.  He is not troubled by this fact at all.

"I see great potential in him," Palpatine says.

This is a conversation they've had many times over the years.  This is hardly the first time they've spoken.  They're not friends, exactly, but they can be civil.  A meeting of Force practitioners.  Equals.  And as such, they respect each other, begrudgingly.

"Potential the boy may have, but corrupted he has become," Yoda says.

"You say that about them all," Palpatine.  "How young must they be in order to receive your approval?"

"About age or youth this is not," Yoda says.  "A question of circumstances.  Corrupted the boy has become.  Already.  His path I have already seen.  All his life troubled he will be.  Innocent now, yes.  Lost already is he."

"You say that because you know I already have an interest in him," Palpatine says.

"Untrue is this," Yoda says.  "His future I have seen.  As well his son's."

I have seen it as well," Palpatine.  "I see equal potential in them.  If you give me this boy, I will allow you to have your time with his son.  We will see who is right.  A test, then, Master Yoda."

"Agree with this I do," Yoda.  "Confident am I that I am right.  Clouded, the future is."

"What I don't see I can predict," Palpatine says.

"Assume much do you," Yoda says.

"We will see."

"Try as you might, wrong will you have proven," Yoda says.  "Hopeful his son will be.  Always looking away.  Striving, always, for something more, but trusting.  As with his father, frustrated, but satisfied?  Never.  Willful, but pride he will not know."

"You rely too much on faith, Master Yoda," Palpatine says.

"Perhaps," Yoda says.  "Disappointed I am, often.  Wrong very often I am not."

"You will be wrong about one of them," Palpatine says.

Yoda chooses not to respond.  His mind is already elsewhere.

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