Friday, June 15, 2012

Star Trek '12: 1912 AD - Xindi

Who else but the Reptilians would’ve begun the fractioning of Xindi harmony?  Actually, there’s some debate about that.  It was very much likely to have been the Avians.  The Avians were the ones with ambition.  The Avians were the ones who dominated Xindus for centuries.  They had the greatest numbers, and their ability to fly gave them an advantage over the others.  They couldn’t know that they provided so much inspiration to those who would become their competitors.

The others were all beholden to certain environments.  The Aquatics, certainly, but so, too the Arboreals, the Primates, the Insectoids, and yes, the Reptilians.  They were all…terrestrial, bound to Xindus, its surface elements.  The Avians were careless.  They never even considered anything more than they had.  They seemed to have everything.

So it was the Avians, yes, but it was also the Reptilians, because they were the first to have ambition, the first to know jealousy.  But they lacked ability.  The Primates were good for that.  They were the first ones the Reptilians consulted.  This alliance gave birth to the first means of artificial flight.  It gave birth to the first Xindi starships.  The Primates depended on the Arboreals for some of the logistics, and the Aquatics for some overall strategy.  Who else but those exist in their own world but are removed from another to think of what to do next?  The Reptilians didn’t count on the agitation of the Insectoids.  They really should have.

The more everyone started working together on a common cause, the easier it was to provoke them.  The Insectoids were good for that.  They buzzed into as many ears as possible.  So while it can be said that it was the fault of the Avians, or that it was the fault of the Reptilians, it was also the fault of the Insectoids.

But who’s to say how a war begins?  Usually the necessary spark is the least relevant element.

The fact remains, six differences species, six different races, all of them Xindi, couldn’t get along anymore, and so a war resulted, one that was to last for a hundred years, cause the destruction of Xindus, the extinction of the Avians, and worse.

If you could ask the Avians if they knew it was coming, would they even have a clue?  Often those in power are too consumed with their own power to know what’s actually going on.  While everything works in their favor, they think they’re impregnable.  The more paranoid are always acting in what they believe to be their best interests, but they have bad instincts, and so usually affect the opposite, and sabotage themselves.  The Avians might be seen as victims, they might never have even done a single wrong to any of their brethren, or they might have been the direct provocateurs of the war, and thus had their fate coming to them.  I guess as history goes, it doesn’t really matter.  It happened.  It helps to know why, but it doesn’t change what happened.  Those who care know.  Do you care?

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