Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Star Trek '12: 1312 AD - Nacene

It was never supposed to happen.

They were explorers, just as many before and many after them, studying what the universe had to offer.  They were merely curious, and the Ocampa were such an innocent, unique case, incredibly powerful when they first came.  There were only two of them, and they tried to be as innocuous as possible, appearing disguised as just another pair of Ocampa.

He never wanted to blame Suspiria, could never bring himself to do that, but the truth was, it was her carelessness that led to the event.  He was madly in love with her, and could never imagine his life without her, but even he couldn’t overlook her failings.   The Ocampans, some of them, saw right through their disguises, which he was perfectly willing to ignore, but Suspiria took it as an opportunity to have a little more fun, to step beyond the restrictions both of them had agreed on many centuries earlier.  She accepted what she called disciples into their chambers, the humble dwelling he had arranged when they first arrived.  There were more visitors every day, and he was easy to overlook, playing his music in the corner as Suspiria entertained her rapt audience.

He grew jealous, yes, and was ashamed for it, but he could only hide those feelings from her for so long.  What was there to be jealous about?  They could leave these primitive souls behind anytime they wished.  The Ocampans showed a great deal of potential, but it was nothing to jeopardize anything over.  They had their own lives to protect.  There were only so many Nacene.

The more he seethed in private, the more resentful she became about his lack of hospitality.  She said he didn’t respect her, and maybe he never had, and it was only now becoming apparent.  He tried to prove her wrong, but she would have none of it, her excessive pride, he assumed, but hoped she’d get over it.  He was wrong.  Her liberties became greater as time went on.  Their few months among the Ocampa stretched on to a few years.  And then it happened.

He caught her in the act.  There was no denying it.  It was so unspeakable that his mind blanked it out so that he couldn’t remember what it was in later years, and actually began to internal the whole cause on himself, could no longer believe that Suspiria had anything to do with it.  He scorched the skies of the Ocampa’s world.  He never knew he had it in him.

Of course, immediately, he set himself into exile, and put up a dome and provided the Ocampans with sustenance and power that they no longer had on their own.  Cut off from the rest of the universe, their development quickly became arrested, and regressed at an alarming rate.  Suspiria left almost immediately, from the company of the Ocampa, at least.  It disgusted him, that much, that she abandoned them so easily.  He did it out of shame.

What else is there to know?