Saturday, March 10, 2012

Julian and the Air-Hot Babloon

Julian loved his home, but he also loved his Air-Hot Babloon.

One day he decided to do some traveling in his Air-Hot Babloon, hoping to see more of the world. Although he loved his home very much, Julian had begun to feel a little crowded, and wondered if a little trip would help him see things differently.

In his Air-Hot Babloon, things were always different, and he could feel relaxed.

He soared high into the air, and felt as warm as the sun, and he climbed higher and higher, until the world below him looked like a carpet, separated into little patchwork patterns.

Julian looked down on the patchwork world and thought about all the things he could see, and pretended that all of it belonged to him.

He labeled the sky as his.

He labeled the patchwork carpet as his.

He even labeled the birds as his!

And he floated in his Air-Hot Babloon and imagined that he ruled all the world!

He imagined what his house was like without him, tried to imagine things he could not control, where the air did not flow through his hair, and the carpet actually was a carpet!

But if he closed his eyes, would there be a difference?

Slowly, very slowly, Julian's Air-Hot Babloon descended back toward the earth. He was not sure how long he'd been in the air, if it had been minutes or days or weeks. He wondered what his home was like now, now that he'd thought about it.

He decided that he wanted to find out.

And so he stepped out of his Air-Hot Babloon, once it had touched back onto the ground, and went back to his house.

Julian discovered that even the things he did not control were okay!

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