Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Name Will Never Be the Same

Yesterday my name was Horvath, and today it's Ellison, and I've had half a dozen in the last half dozen days. It's never the same. It doesn't matter. Names have gone out of fashion. We know other people by what they do, by their personality, their inclinations, when we see them, how we know them. When someone finally realized that, the ball started rolling, and suddenly, names are just a game. You can choose a new one every day, or you can go entirely without one. Who needs a name?

I like to pick one everyday entirely out of habit. I like to tell myself, in some way, it still has meaning. If someone remembers my name, whichever ones it happens to be, then maybe I've achieved something. But then, people achieve things all the time, and history only very rarely makes a note of the name. In time, names really don't have any meaning at all. It becomes more about the name, and the person behind that name might not ever have existed at all. Names are abitrary. Maybe that's why I keep the game up, just to amuse myself, try and remain ahead of the curve.

Sometimes, I like to assign names to all the anonymous achievements I can think of, and I surprise myself with all the ones I can think of, not the names, but the achievements. You want examples, you can think of them yourselves. This one's interactive. Come up with your own names, too. I can only do it once a day, and I keep a journal, partly so I don't repeat myself, and also, just in case it ends up being helpful in some other way. I can imagine, someone finding it one day, reading all those names. Sometimes I wonder if I should write about the day a particular name had. But there are so many records already. I have an index of names.

And again, no name at all. How about that?

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