Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lost Convoy, Part VIII: Kim Jones

Having been adopted at an early age, Kim Jones never knew her birth parents, and so all the heritage she ever knew was what she grew up with. Losing the entire planet meant, in essence, that she could finally consider her life a blank slate. That wasn't what she was upset about.

What she hated was that the world ended and she was able to book one of the last flights of humanity off the planet, but she would have to do it as a flight attendant, a career she had always despised. She might have been okay processing the news that she hadn't qualified in any other regard to board the frigate, because it would have been entirely likely that the world finished up its destruction before she could decry her fate too loudly, but to be forced into that horrid role one more time, and have basically all of humanity see her only that way, it was more than an insult, it was literally the other worst thing that could possibly happen to her.

Still, she'd survived, she'd made it. No more planet, and very few survivors, but Kim Jones had made it. She could grin and bear it, with that much to be happy about, couldn't she? Except, that attitude only lasted about as long as it took to launch the fleet. The passengers started bitching as soon as they were in orbit, apparently oblivious to the fact that they, too, should have some kind of gratitude occupying them. And who had to deal with that nonsense? Why, Kim, of course...

As if that weren't bad enough, she'd been on plenty of flights in the past to have developed an instinct for when things were going wrong, not simply turbulence, but real problems, long before anything was announced, long before she got the inevitable call to the cockpit. Except this time, the pilot, when he finally bothered to say anything at all, had simply requested for some consultation. He'd completely ignored her. It was almost just as well, because Kim still hadn't officially met Ray Patch. Things had been a little hectic earlier.

She began sensing trouble again soon after, long before the riot broke out. She'd been trying to maintain her composure (and as usual failing miserably) for so long, she lost it the moment the man who would later identify himself as Gabriel Martinez finally let loose, grabbing an entire seat (not his) and tossing it down the aisle. Another man ran past her, one of the people who had responded to the pilot, and attempted to rescue the other one, the other man privileged enough to speak with the pilot, from the grasp of Gabriel Martinez. It was enough to rouse Kim herself. But she left the cabin behind entirely. She was finally going to have a word with Ray Patch.

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